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Community Hub

Bertrand D Hsu Academy American & Chinese Bicultural Academy is designed to be a community hub that not only educates students but also engages parents, grandparents and other members of the community. We will provide day-time volunteering opportunities and other activities for parents and grandparents who drop-off their children. We will provide evening classes for adults such as:

  • Becoming an American for immigrants (cultural differences and approaches)

  • Work skills (English, computer literacy, reading, etc.)

  • Life skills (parenting, insurance, banking, etc.)

  • Safety skills (self defense classes, etc.)

  • Supporting children (college preparation and admissions, financial aid, etc.)

  • Citizenship (the need to vote, how to vote, etc.)

  • Chinese culture classes

  • Other topics based on feedback from the community

Bert Hsu Academy also brings together everyone in the community who wants to participate and support this community project that happens to be a school. We welcome intergenerational volunteers for the classroom and field trips; we welcome retired and still working educators to mentor our teachers; we welcome service providers to bring services on-site to our students and families; we welcome businesses and organizations to provide field trips, volunteer and internship opportunities to our students.


We welcome YOU to be part of this community project!

To inquire about using our space for your event ($100/hour), please contact

Community Partners

These community organizations partner with us to provide curriculum, activities, and volunteer and career exploration opportunities for our students. If you belong to an organization that can do the same, please contact us!

Afficient Academy.png

Afficient leverages artificial intelligence to detect the proficiency level of students in Math and English, and then systematically helps them learn at their own pace to catch-up to and exceed grade level. We partner with Afficient to provide individualized learning for our students.

Chinese Hospital San Francisco

Chinese Hospital is a field trip destination for our students to be exposed to and educated about the various careers in the healthcare industry. Our students can also volunteer and intern here before applying to higher education institutions for study or directly start working in the healthcare industry.

Chinese Historical Society Logo

Chinese Historical Society is a field trip destination for our students to learn about the history of Chinese in America. Our teachers can also use guides for before, during and after visits.

Florence Fang Farm.jpg

The Florence Fang Community Farm partners with Bertrand D Hsu Academy to provide hands-on learning for our students throughout the year on a bi-weekly basis. Our students connect with nature in an outdoor environment, learn about gardening and healthy living, and gain communication and leadership skills as they work together.

Lion Dance ME LDM

Lion Dance ME (LDM) partners with Bertrand D Hsu Academy to teach our students about the traditional art of lion dancing. LDM also provides after school activities for our students to practice and perform with students from other schools around San Francisco.

Pathways For Kids.png

Pathways for Kids (PFK) partners with Bertrand D Hsu Academy to introduce our students to different career pathways with an emphasis on technology, entrepreneurship, investing, and capital building. PFK can bring speakers to our school as well as provide field trip destinations to see careers in action.


Purple Silk Music Education Foundation partners with Bertrand D Hsu Academy to teach our students appreciation of music from all cultures through instruction in traditional Chinese instruments. Purple Silk's professional musicians teach our students during the school day as well as provide after school enrichment opportunities.

More to come

Partner with Us!

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We welcome intergenerational volunteers* for our classrooms, garden, field trips, and other activities. We welcome YOU!

I would like to volunteer for:

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

* All volunteers will need to pass background checks.

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