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Thank you for considering Bertrand D Hsu American & Chinese Bicultural Academy for your child's education. Our mission is to give students from working and immigrant families a solid foundation for modern life by providing them with a rigorous academic, bicultural and character education.

Unlike many other private schools, we do not give IQ tests to students or require stellar grades and reference letters from previous schools. We believe attitude and commitment matter more than innate talent. We believe a safe and orderly learning environment will help all students learn. Therefore, we only ask for commitment from students to do the work of learning and commitment from parents to support their students in their quest.

We believe every child can succeed in their own way, and we will try our best to nurture each and every child to reach his/her full potential.


  • $18,000 per year ($1500 per month)

  • Tuition includes food and snacks and 12-month programming through the summer.

  • Tuition assistance is available based on family need.

  • Should you opt-out of portions of the summer session, corresponding tuition will be considered as tax deductible donation with receipt provided by the school.

  • Extended care and after school enrichment activities are available for $365/month.

Admissions Process


Academic Years 2023-24 and 2024-25
- Rolling evaluation of Enrollment Application for either academic year, including interview
- Admissions decision notification within one month of application submission
- Enrollment Agreement Deadline: 2 weeks after admissions decision notification

Inquiry Form

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Inquiry Form

Thanks for submitting!

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